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Aims and Scope


WORLD AFFAIRS- The Journal of International Issues, quarterly—  a project of  Kapur Surya Foundation— is a leading journal, printed and published in India,  established in the year 1997, with the following aims and objectives:

Publish or cause to be published knowledge and information generated through research, discussions from a global view-point.  Create, stimulate and promote greater cooperation, awareness and understanding of cultural, political, social, economic, ecological and environmental problems and issues concerning different countries of the world with special emphasis on   India and developing countries.

World Affairs is a not-for-profit venture and is circulated widely not only in India but also outside the country and are acknowledged by individuals, institutions. The journal addresses a wide range of issues and reaches out to world leaders,  well-known personalities, think-tanks, heads of state, industrialists, educational institutions, universities, libraries,  academics, students, and the general public in India and abroad, while focusing on the changing socio-politico-economic situation and equations in the world today. It stimulates interaction and debate between developed and developing nations.

Volume No.1, Issue No.1 was published in Jan-Mar. 1997. Since then the Journal has thematically gone around the world giving its readers both high and close vantage points to observe and analyse processes and events taking place on all continents and providing rich historical and philosophical perspectives on current affairs.  Its takes pride in reflecting the long-term views and expert insights of policy makers, scholars and observers in many disciplines and regions.  It encompasses geopolitics, economics, geography, sociology, technology and culture in its scope and exercises predictive power to detect the emerging trends and their future consequences.  More than four hundred authors have contributed to this global, constantly evolving panorama of civilizations, nations and ideas.


WORLD AFFAIRS has a core of loyal subscribers in some ninety countries and the reader profile consists of think-tanks and academic institutions, offices of statesmen, universities and college libraries.

Every quarter, we try to table some of the most important issues driving global politics, economics, culture and development.  The impact of the journal can be assessed by the range of topics it has covered since its inception.