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Welcome to World Affairs - The Journal of International Issues

World Affairs, is a leading peer reviewed / referred journal, printed and published in India. The journal seeks to provide the much needed Asian and the developing world's perspective on issues of global significance. It stimulates interaction and debate between developed and developing nations.

The journal addresses a wide range of readers and reaches out to world leaders, politicians, industrialists, academics, students, and the general public while focusing on the changing socio-politico-economic situation and equations in the world today.

The increasing complexity of the international environment, beset by multiplying global crises requires serious analysis, debate and understanding. And this is what World Affairs is striving to bring about. In a world of growing violence and shrinking moral and ethical values it seeks to address this pressing need.

The scope of the journal has steadily expanded to cover a broad range of subjects, such as empowerment of the people, health in developing countries, agriculture and bio-technology, information technology, world cultures and human values, while continuing to pay attention to politics, diplomacy, problems of international security, the environmental crisis etc.

The response from readers over the years has been overwhelming and our subscription base has grown substantially amongst a very interesting cross-section of people which includes heads of state and governments, chiefs of diplomatic missions around the world, senior officials, leaders of Industry and financial institutions, academics in universities and think tanks, and students, all actual or potential decision makers in their fields.

The journal is a completely non-profit venture, and we have been able to sustain it thanks to the positive response and encouragement of like-minded people and organisations.

Some of our recent and current issues address ambitious themes such as the philosophy which should guide nations, businesses and individuals in the new millennium, the international security situations, the nature of globalisation, the significance of Indian and other Asian civilisations, the search for a new sustainable paradigm for mankind, and the concept of clash of civilisations as opposed to the age old tradition of dialogue between cultures.

Authors in our issues to date are world-renowned specialists, policy makers, research scholars and men and women close to the centres of power. They, among many others, include Dr. Manmohan Singh, the former Indian Finance Minister and present Prime Minister, His Holiness The Dalai Lama of Tibet, former Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev, Mr. I.K. Gujral, the former Indian Prime Minister, Wu Xueqian former Chinese Deputy Prime Minister, Mary Robinson, the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Prince Hassan bin Talal of Jordan, the Secretary Generals of SAARC, ASEAN and the Gulf Cooperation Council and Foreign Ministers of India, Pakistan, China and Myanmar.

Some other contributors are Grameen Bank founder, Muhammad Yunus, international financier George Soros, veteran ecologist Edward Goldsmith, eminent philosophers Raimon Panikkar and Henryk Skolimowsky, renowned peace studies professor Johan Galtung, physicist and philosopher of Science, Hans Peter Duerr, outstanding academics, Mikhail Titarenko and Sergey Glaziev, Novelist and China commentator, Han Suyin, well known scholars and historians of art and culture, Karan Singh, Kapila Vatsyayan and Lokesh Chandra.