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WORLD AFFAIRS, The Journal of International Issues, peer reviewed and quarterly journal - is today in its twenty-seventh year of publication. We are grateful to each of our more than five hundred contributors and to all our readers around the world who have made this possible. The continuous and ever increasing support and encouragement of institutions-educational, government, universities, libraries and various think-tanks, business and other organizations-have helped us in our endeavour to make WORLD AFFAIRS that is read and respected around the world. We strive to reach out to more readers around the globe.

  • The journal addresses a wide ranges of issues while focusing on the changing socio- politico-economic situation and equations in today's world.
  • It stimulates interaction and debate between developed and developing nations.
  • It reaches out to world leaders, well-known personalities, think-tanks, heads of state, political leaderships, industrial and educational institutions, universities, libraries, academics, students and the general public in India as well as abroad.
  • It provides a rich historical and philosophical perspective on current affairs, encompassing geopolitics, economics, geography, sociology, technology and culture in its scope and exercises predictive power to detect emerging trends and their future consequences.
  • It not only deals with the Indian, but also the wider Asian and developing world's perspective on world issues.
  • The journal brings out large number of well researched papers on variety of field/subjects authored by well known scholars and provides opportunities to eminent scholars, researchers, policy makers and students to have access to them, and also submit articles for publication and thus reach an international audience.
  • The Journal is associated to various international organisations and provides intellectual and institutional support to seminars, conferences and symposia around the world by helping convene them and sometimes publishing their proceedings in dedicated issues.
  • Wide range of institutional subscribers, to name, but a few:-
    • The Co-operation Council for the Arab State of the Gulf, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.
    • Armament Research & Development Establishment.
    • Confederation of Indian Industries.
    • United Services Institution of India.
    • Institute of Defence Studies and Analyses.
    • Dayal Singh Library Trust Society.
    • National Council of Applied Economic Research.
    • National Defence College, Ministry of Defence.
    • West Bengal National University of Judicial Sciences.
    • Nalanda Library.
    • Army Air Defence College.
    • Head Quarters- Eastern Command and other army head quarters.
    • Ramakrishna Mission.
    • Jawahar Lal Nehru University.
    • Delhi University Central Library and college libraries.
    • Rajasthan Vidhan Sabha.
    • Legislative Assembly Secretariat- Chennai.
    • Institute of Development Studies- Kolkatta.
    • Indian Institute of Science Education and Research, Pune.
    • Xavier Institute of Management.
    • Embassies and high commissions in India
  • Authors/contributors from different countries.